Early Stage Researchers
















Dr. Raquel Rodríguez-Pérez, University of Bonn/Boehringer Ingelheim - PhD awarded February 20, 2020 by  University of Bonn - now Principal Scientist at Novartis, Basel, Switzerland

Oliver Laufkötter, AstraZeneca/University of Bonn (finishing PhD)

Dr. Arkadii Lin, University of Strasbourg/Boehringer Ingelheim - PhD awarded September 16, 2019 by  University of Strasbourg -now Team Leader in Chemoinformatics at Insilico Medicine, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Dipan Ghosh, Helmholtz Zentrum München/LDC - PhD awarded 28 July, 2021 by  Technical University of München - now Scientist at Lead Discovery Center GmbH, Dortmund, Germany

Laurianne David, University of Bonn/AstraZeneca - now Computational Chemist at Evotec, Toulouse, France

Dr. Josep Arús-Pous, University of Bern/AstraZeneca - PhD awarded June 3, 2020 by  University of Berm - now Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Roche, Basel, Switzerland

Dr. Xuejin Zhang, ETH Zürich/Boehringer Ingelheim - PhD awarded September 17, 2019, by ETH Hönggerberg -now ML/AI Scientist at VantAI, USA

Thomas Blaschke, AstraZeneca/University of Bonn (finishing PhD, working on a startup in the UK)

Dr. Amol Thakkar, University of Bern/AstraZeneca - PhD awarded February 11, 2022 by  University of Berm - now Research Scientist at IBM Research Europe, Zurich, Switzerland

Michael Withnall, Helmholtz Zentrum München/AstraZeneca - now  Head of Computational Chemistry at Apheris AI, Berlin, Germany