Fraunhofer-IME SP Supervisors

Dr. Sheraz GulDr. Sheraz Gul is the Head of Assay Development and Screening at the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology – ScreeningPort, Hamburg, Germany where he focuses on small molecule drug discovery across many disease areas. He manages a group that is responsible for developing assays that are subsequently utilized in High Throughput Screening campaigns, as well as validation of Hit compounds and this includes determining their mechanism of action. He was also employed by GlaxoSmithKline where he was involved in the development of biochemical and cellular assays for High Throughput Screening as well and Hit compound characterization. He has a PhD and 5 years post-doctoral research experience all from the University of London. His contributions to drug discovery have led to publications in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, the Enzyme Assays: Essential Data Handbook, talks at scientific conferences, the identification of multiple Lead series and two development Candidates. In addition, he has been appointed to the editorial board of the European Pharmaceutical Review and is Editor in Chief of Drug Target Review. Since 2011 he has also been coordinating assay development and screening workshops and thus far around >350 scientists in Europe, South America and the Middle East have been trained.