13.01.2015 Project proposal is submitted

13.05.2015 MC ITN Call results are published

15.10.2015 Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen  press release

01.01.2016 Project is started

12.01.2016 Web site is established

18.01.2016 Kick-off meeting was organised in HMGU. Presentations of individual groups are available.

10.02.2016 Positions are published and are open for applications at (not available anymore).

01.03.2016 Mrs. Barbara Gasset has started as the Project Manager

20.03.2016 Deadline for application submission (728 job applications were received)

04.04.2016 Recruitment meeting in HMGU (21 applicants were interviewed)

12.04.2016 Candidates are notified about results of their applications (nine fellows were selected)

12.04.2016 ESR7 is republished and open for applications at (not available anymore).

06.05.2016 General Assambly and Supervisory Board meetings (per Skype). Associated partners presentations are available.

30.06.2016 Deadline for application submission for ESR7 (65 job applications were received)

17-21.10.2016 BIGCHEM first Autumn School: Introduction to Chemoinformatics at HMGU

20.10.2016 General Assembly and Supervisory Board meetings

22.10.2016 BIGCHEM participates in TUM Open Day with a stand where two ESR presented the project

19-21.4.2017 BIGCHEM first Spring School: Chemical Data Resources at PRBB, Barcelona

19.4.2017 Genearl Assembly

20.4.2017 Supervisory Board meeting