Molecular Networks GmbH Supervisors

Dr. Chihae Yang, owner and Managing Director of Molecular Networks, is also co-founder and Manager of Altamira LLC, a knowledge development company based in Columbus Ohio. She was a visiting scientist at US FDA CFSAN and a fellow in the computational toxicology program (2008–2011), and continues to be an active member of the CERES (Chemical Evaluation and Risk Estimation System) team at CFSAN. She has designed and developed public ToxPrint chemotypes and co-developed a new structure knowledge exchange language (Chemical Subgraph and Reaction Mark-up Language) and public ChemoTyper software with Molecular Networks. She is now leading an effort between Altamira and Molecular Networks to develop a chemoinformatics database and prediction system (models and structure knowledge). As Chief Scientific Officer of Leadscope, Inc., she developed Leadscope’s predictive toxicology platform and QSAR methodology (2000-2008). She also established the LIST focus group with grants from the US NIST Advanced Technology Program, developed and delivered ToxML, a public toxicity database standard, and developed a ToxML database entry tool in collaboration with the US FDA. Previously, Dr. Yang was a tenured chemistry professor at Otterbein University (1993-2000) and she currently holds an appointment as a visiting professor at the Ohio State University. She worked at the Clorox Company (1984-1992) where she incorporated computational methods into product discovery and development workflows.