MedChemica Supervisors

Dr. LeachDr Andrew G. Leach

  Technical Director
  Liverpool John Moores
  12 years experience
  Applied computational and medicinal chemistry

ALiDr Ali Griffen

  Business Analyst
  PhD Fungal Vascular wilt disease
  21 years experience
  Team leader bioscientist and biological data curation

EDDr Ed Griffen

  Technical Director
  21 years experience
  Medicinal chemistry
  Large scale statistical analysis methods

AlDr Al Dossetter

  Managing Director
  17 years experience
  Medicinal chemistry
  Extensive cloud computing experience

Dr. ShaneDr Shane Montague

  Lead Data Scientist
  PhD Computer  Science
  13 years experience
  Data science and information security

JiaDr Jia Wu

  Consultant Data Scientist
  PhD Machine Learning
  12 years experience in data mining and machine learning.
  Projects in finance, energy and criminology