NextMove Software Supervisors

SayleDr. Roger Sayle is CEO and Founder of NextMove Software. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Edinburgh, following his first degree from Imperial College London. Roger is probably best known for writing RasMol, at one point the most widely used molecular graphics program in the world, for which he was awarded the Heatley Medal for “technological innovation in biochemistry”. After several years with GlaxoWellcome in the bioinformatics, Research IT and computational chemistry groups, he left large pharma for the US to form a start-up company with Daylight Chemical Information Systems. Later as vice president at Openeye Scientific Software, he helped grow the company from five employees to a multinational company of over 40. He left Openeye to start his own company NextMove Software Limited in 2010.

Dr. LoweDr. Daniel Lowe joined NextMove Software January 2012 as a Senior Software Engineer. At NextMove he primarily works on LeadMine developing text mining software to extract information from unstructured documents, such as chemical structures and biological targets from patents. Daniel has a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge. Under Professors Robert Glen and Peter Murray-Rust he worked on Opsin an Open Parser for Systematic IUPAC Nomenclature and the automated extraction of reactions from patents. His work focused on the need to develop techniques to automatically extract information from the chemical literature and in particular patents.